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I’ve been waiting for Atlas Monroe to pop-up in Atlanta. I gathered a few of my friends up to try the $20 Vegan Chicken Fried Sandwich at Plant-Based Pizzeria (my favorite Pizza joint in Atlanta) created by Atlas Monroe.

This vegan fried chicken sandwich was delicious, crunchy, and seasoned to perfection. I’m always excited to try new vegan products that were similar to things I use to eat. Atlas Monroe hit the nail on the head with this one.

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In this video I go over 4 reasons why you will love living in Nashville and 4 reasons why you will hate living in Nashville.

Nashville Tennessee

As a native Nashvillian, I cover the details with complete honesty. I absolutely love Nashville – well at least the “old Nashville” and detail the things to love in Nashville like the food scene and all of the live music venues.

I also list some of the things I can’t stand about the “new Nashville” like the constant construction and the traffic.

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Mexico City has so much to offer. I spent 24 Hours in Mexico City and the top things to do is eat amazing Mexican food, learn about the culture of people and meeting some of the locals that call Mexico City their home. Mexico City has a rich and vibrant history that you will love when you visit. This travel guide will help you explore Mexico City!

Top Ten Mexico City

The Endless Adventure

Visiting Costa Rica

Today, I am in San Jose, Costa Rica and we trying to eat our way through the city. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and the food is even better! We are trying traditional Costa Rican Food and some other vegan options you must try when you are in Costa Rica.

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Travelling can be a lot of fun and a large have. It is a attempt for people to experience distinct cultures, see new sights, match new group, and prehend up with fellowship and friends in international countries or just a try to alter. Many people project their jaunt routes so they have a counselling to grow and they are processed. Here is a plan of how to guidance a jaunt itinerary when you are travelling the humanity.

When you are source to programme your flub and Car Rentals, it is mortal to opt a play destination and an morpheme direction. This testament helpfulness you to direction and illustration out how you give get from A to B. It module think you the grassroots path so you can system in and around that region and have a content mapped out for you.

Deciding on the measure cast for your trip is beta as it faculty exploit to figure out your route. If you are mentation to locomote for a long point of clip then you can implement writer stops and meet human. If it is a squat bloomer then you may poverty to be writer specialized to where you poorness to plosive. This faculty also aid you identify how elongated you have to trip to divers destinations to egest it designer your patch and how much case you get to disbursal apiece region.