Don’t Give Up

Have you ever had one of those days when you wanted to give up? The work you were doing just didn’t seem to matter or you weren’t the get results you wanted…

You are not alone. Today is National Ditch Day. It’s the day when most people ditch their New Year’s Resolutions and it is a recognized day on the calendar!! Can you believe it?

So before you decide to ditch that resolution or that goal or whatever it is that you are doing… watch this video.

New Year’s Resolutions

So if you’re ready to junk that New Year’s resolution or maybe you already did. Here are a couple ideas to help you stay the course. This is Jen Patterson with Agility lLeadership Group where we help you build leaders build teams and build companies.

Number one make a decision. Decide. And I mean REALLY decide what it is that you’re going to do. The Latin word that’s the root of decide actually means to cut off. It means to cut off all other options. So if you’re standing at a decision and you have other options that you haven’t cut off you haven’t made a decision yet.

I was in a job transition at one point in my life and I really wanted to start my own business but I was uncertain about how it would go. So I was also looking for a job. I was smart enough to get myself a coach at that time and she gave me the best advice ever.

She said pick a plan and go 100 percent at that plan and let everything else go. So I decided to go all in on the business. She said, “If it doesn’t work out after a set period of time you can always go back to Plan B but go 100 percent in the direction of what you want and see what happens when you go all in.

It’s a mistake I see so many make in times of transition. They really want something but they’re scared. They may put it in practical terms like I’m being responsible or I’m being practical. But the reality is it’s their brain screaming This is not safe. Don’t do this.

The challenge is if you can’t be clear about what you really want you’re never going to get it. So no to get clear on your wife have you ever wanted something really really bad. I mean I can’t think of anything else kind of bad and you put all of your effort into it. Did you get it. Tell me about it. I’d love to hear your story. Share below.

I can think of examples of so many times when I wanted something really bad and I didn’t know how it was going to get it, but I figured out a way. Before you ditch that habit or that goal or that job. Sit down and get in touch with your why. I promise you if you’re why is strong enough you will figure out how. Oh.

And one last thing. Do something that moves you in the direction of that decision. Momentum is what fuels us. So get going on your goals now.

Welcome, we are VP Legacies

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Welcome to VP Legacies, and thank you for visiting us today. So, who’s VP Legacies and how can we potentially help you? VP Legacies is a strategic communication firm and we partner with organizations to help them increase their employee retention by utilizing strategic communication strategies that build personal connection. We have a simple three-step process. The first step is to discover. The second step is to develop. The third step is to deploy.

So, let’s look at Discover. We work together with your organization to discover the communication challenges that you’re having, who they affect, and how it relates to your business objectives. Jumping into the second step, develop, we develop your customized communication strategy by identifying the key stakeholders we need to elicit data from and how we’re going to elicit that data. And the third and final step is deploy. We deploy your strategic communication strategy by training your internal teams and/or utilizing VP Legacies external teams. But what we always like to remind all of our clients, our partners our community is everything that we do always relates back to our vision, creating a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect.

Welcome, we are VP Legacies

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Nashville Zip Codes Map

This lists the Nashville zip codes in numerical order and it lists the major neighborhoods of each zip code.

You can also find homes for sale in each zip code on the website.

There’s also a free buyer’s guide available for download on each zip code page. The guide answers a lot of the questions that first-time home buyers may have.


Saving Money To Buy A House

How to use your side hustle money to buy a house.

Home Buying Process

In this video, I explain how to get your side hustle money included when you are trying to buy a house.

Any side hustle that is not a W2 hourly or salaried job such as Uber or Lyft, food delivery gigs like GrubHub or Door Dash, and any other service you provide like doing hair or catering, etc., where you are paid in cash or through an app normally cannot be counted as income when you are trying to buy a house.

Even with a 2-year history of successfully doing your side hustle, underwriters do not include this income because it is treated like self-employment income.

Usually the expenses associated with your side hustle are written off against the income you make.

This can be very disheartening when you are working hard to buy your own home. It’s easy to become frustrated and think you’re not making any progress and want to give up on your home ownership dream.

I go over how to keep up with your money and how to get credit for your side hustle income when it comes to getting a mortgage.

Hosting Para WordPress

¿Estás lanzando un nuevo sitio y estás buscando el mejor hosting para WordPress?

Existen cientos de empresas de que proveen Hosting de WordPress, y elegir la correcta para su sitio puede mejorar significar un impacto positivo en tu SEO y aumentar sus ventas (Para esto último es clave escojer un Hosting rápido).

En esta guía, te mostraré cómo elegir el mejor hosting para WordPress y las mejores empresas de alojamiento de WordPress que recomiendo. Pero antes de compartir mi lista, te cuento un poco sobre lo que es un buen hosting y cómo escoger la opción correcta.

Hosting Para WordPress

Torrington Ct

Natalie Beatham Torrington CT Conn 06790 Still Shooting Heroin on Dec 30 2019

Torrington Ct

On Jan 6 2019 at 10pm Natalie Beathams father threatened physical harm to Evan Toder if he did not take this website down.

Evan has immediately notified several neighbors, Joe Watley, David Breau, Evans father, Evans fathers neighbor Wayne Fruhal telling them all of the threats and informing them of Owen Beathams name and address which is 927 East Main st Torrington CT 06790 phone number (860) 307-1648 and Natalie Marie Beathams phone number is 203-308-6748. DCF is also going to be notified immediately. This photo of Owen Beatham has also been emailed to the above mentioned people.

Ini addition Evan has created a public post to every one of his 3288 facebook contacts along with Owen Beathams name address and phone number.

This update also serves as evidence for the police in event of any malfeasance. A picure of Owen Beatham can be seen at below to help authorities easily locate Owen Beatham.

Owen Beatham 927 East Main st Torrington CT 06790


Have you ever heard of unbossing? Are you an unboss? If you are leading the next generation of workers you need to know about this. Vas Narasimhan, the CEO of Novartis, shared a great post on this whole unbossing movement and I want to share with you a couple of insights that jumped out to me from his post earlier this week.


This is Jen Patterson with Agility Leadership Group where we help you build leaders build teams and build companies.

The idea of unbossing is fantastic. We don’t need more bosses. We need more leaders. The next generation of workers are really craving authentic leadership where leaders show up and have vision and motivate and inspire those around them. And it’s not just the next generation of workers, it’s everyone. Unbossing is rooted in servant leadership.

What are the qualities of the best bosses you’ve worked for? Share in the comments below.

One of the things he said really struck home with me and that’s the idea that your position on the org chart doesn’t determine your power. I find far too many leaders aspiring to use or using position on an org chart as a way to be a leader. Your position does not determine whether or not you’re a leader. What determines if you are a leader is your ability to influence and inspire change in other people around you and ultimately it’s about creating future leaders.

One of the components of the unbossed movement is the value of 360 feedback and if you’re in a position in your organization to identify and develop top talent 360 feedback can be a wonderful tool to help you find and promote your very best leaders. I find too often in companies it’s really easy to promote leaders who do a good job of managing up. In this scenario, you get leaders who know how to manage their boss but may not play well with others and/or manage their team in a way that diminishes the potential of other people that report to them. It is time that we stop promoting this type of leader.

The leaders you choose to run your organization will ultimately determine your ability to execute your strategy and deliver on your brand promise and over time it impacts your culture. Trust me you don’t want to have to fix that. If you want some additional insight around this call me personally. Here’s my information below. I’m happy to share with you what we’ve learned from walking alongside companies about what works and what doesn’t. Thank you for watching this. Please take a moment to subscribe, share, like, or comment below and stay tuned for more great ideas on how to lead in times like these.

Hair Growth Men

Enjoy this Hair Loss Treatment Before and After Video by Natural Transplants
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Hair Growth Men

In this hair loss treatment before and after video Dr Matt Huebner of Natural Transplants video chats with Roni one year after his hair loss treatment. We see the stunning hair loss treatment before and after results and Roni tells us he feels “years younger” and gets daily complements about his hair loss treatment result. Norwood 5, this hair loss treatment patient was a 5 on the Norwood Scale.

Personal Trainer Stereotypes

Workout videos with EXTREME trainers are always too much to handle, even for a pro. This trainer is hardcore, I don’t know if anyone can handle him!

Gym Trainers Be Like

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